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Why Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Are Opposed

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2011

Occupy Wall Street is the Left’s belated attempt to counter the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party caught the public’s attention through its spontaneous 2008 protest against the mess that Congress has produced. It is bringing this message to Americans: the government is too big. It spends too much money. It borrows too much money. The budget must be balanced.

This is poison to the Left, which wants bigger government, more spending, larger deficits.

There is nothing spontaneous about Occupy Wall Street. There is big money behind it. This is a last-ditch effort of the Left to capture the public’s imagination. The Left has got to de-rail the Tea Party.

The OWS is not fighting the Federal Reserve System. This tells us who is really behind the OWS: rich insiders who want to keep the system going.

It’s not going to work.

There are some naive people calling for a fusion of OWS and the Tea Party. This makes as much sense as trying to field a Presidential run with Dennis Kucinich for President and Ron Paul as Vice President. Oil and water do not mix. Left and Right do not mix.

Kucinich has no mass constituency. Ron Paul does. OWS has no mass constituency. The Tea Party does.

I spell out all this in my article. Click through.

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4 thoughts on “Why Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party Are Opposed

  1. Evermyrtle says:

    Occupiers and The Tea Party are opposed because they represent two opposing ways of living. Tea Party people are mostly GOD-Loving conservative with the same values that were set by the pilgrims hundreds of years ago.

    The Occupiers are anti-GOD liberals who would to change everything we once knew and replace all of GOD'S laws with Islam Muslim rules and laws which will bring down this nation as a free nation. With the liberal way of life we would be completely under government rule with no freedom,ever.

  2. Kevin Beck says:

    I still support the principles of the Tea Party movement, but when certain members of the Establishment started taking prominent positions within the organized parts of it, I started seeing parts that were amiss.

    I have always had respect for (former House Majority Leader) Dick Armey when he was in Congress, but I got the feeling that he was looking for a way to be relevant again when he took the reins of a group that was trying to organize the disparate voices of the Tea Party in 2009. This left an impression that the members had lost control of the group when they let an insider co-opt their message. It also neutered the movement's voices by allowing an insider to speak for them; it stopped becoming an outsider's movement that day. This is how a citizen's movement dies: When an insider takes control. The only positive benefit that an insider in control has is that others will listen to the message sooner, rather than just dismiss it as coming from "a bunch of kooks." But I think the long-term effects of this are less than good.

  3. I attended a number of the Tea Party events in my area and was quite impressed with the Americans I met! The TP mindset that returned the House and many State Gov’s to the Reps is still within a large number of TPers and they will vote! We are itching to do even more damage to the statist in both of our rotten political parties in 2012, you ain’t seen nuttin yet!

  4. Those of us seniors who paid into Soc. Sec . and Medicare during our working lives are, in many cases receiving our only source of income from the gov't. Many of us had retirement funds that got wiped out in 2000 and 2007,2008. I suppose the patriotic thing to do is (A) go back to work or (B) hookup a hose to our auto exhaust pipe in our bank-owned garage._The (A) option is almost an impossibility. Jobs for those of us in our 60's and up are practically non-existent. I know, I've looked for over 3 years for any kind of job. You'd think that a guy who hired many, many people over the span of 40+ years would be in the drivers seat where he'd be hired by someone