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Panic in Europe: There Must Be Central Bank Inflation, or Else!

Written by Gary North on November 23, 2011

It’s everywhere in the media. The European Central Bank has to inflate. . . now! Why, without the ECB printing up hundreds of billions of euros, the future of Europe is economic collapse.

The European bankers bought PIIGS debt. They thought the bonds were safe. They weren’t — as Austrian School economists had warned for years.

Now the banks face collapse. The only solution: inflate! “Save the banks!

It’s the same here, of course.

The bankers have destroyed the foundation of the West’s economy. All that the Keynesians can recommend is massive government deficits funded by massive monetary inflation. It’s never enough. More! More!

There is no escape now. The bankers have done us in.

Watch the media. They are critical of Merkel, who is a sell-out. She has not sold out fast enough, the mainstream media say. She is holding back the ECB. Why, she is saying that the ECB should not violate the treaties that created the EU. How dare she!

The attached article is typical. It’s “inflate or die!”

If the ECB capitulates, it will not help for very long. A few people see this, but not many.

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