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First Successful Cyberattack on the USA

Written by Gary North on November 21, 2011

It had to come eventually, and it has.

It was not a major facility. It was an attack on an Illinois water plant. The hackers burned out a water pump.

Think of it as a test run. The hackers have not been identified. The Department of Homeland Security is saying nothing.

The breach was a prelude of things to come. We don’t know when. We don’t know how extensive future attacks may be. But we know now that it can be done.

If the U.S. power grid ever is taken down, 100 million Americans will die — maybe more. We are dependent on electrical power. It keeps us alive. The grid transfers power from one city to the next.

There is no more important national defense priority, yet not much has been done or is being done to protect it. It is all in the study stage, meaning “kick the can.”

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2 thoughts on “First Successful Cyberattack on the USA

  1. Jan Dinkins says:

    But DHS is diligent about "keeping an eye" on the various Tea Parties(clean,neat,orderly, intelligent and articulate)while applauding and abetting the OWS squatters(unkempt,inept,clueless,inarticulate,violent)….unfathomable!

  2. Edward Miska says:

    It is time that the US disengages from the world wide web or creates some sort of system that only allows registered web users with a legitimate purpose access to the US.

    It appears that our present government is either part of the terrorist network or so blind to web attacks that they cannot be moved to improve safety. Since it seems that the Democratic Party under Obama is not governing but just allowing things to happen to injure the US.