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Merkel Is Ready to Sell Out Germany to the NWO

Written by Gary North on November 18, 2011

Agela Merkel is an internationalist. She plays a political game. She says firmly in public that there must be no more bailouts, that the European Central Bank must not inflate. Then she goes behind the scenes and agrees with whatever the ECB wants to do.

She is now saying that it is time for nations — read: Germany — to surrender more sovereignty to the European Union, thereby allowing the ECB to buy government bonds directly, which is not allowed under the Maastrict and Lisbon treaties that created the EU. It it time to re-write the treaties to allow this, she says.

She meets with British Prime Minister Cameron today.  She is outraged that Cameron proposes ta referendum on the new revised treaty. Meanwhile, a 6-page secret German government memo got leaked. It calls for a new European mega-state that will govern national fiscal policies.

This is standard operating procedure. The New World Order is an extension of the largest banks. They seek more leverage for higher profits. Then they seek more bailouts when leverage turns against them. They call for more centralization. This lets them get more money in bailouts.

Merkel is their agent. But she must cover her commitment to the NWO. So, she plays the public opposition/private acceptance game. Her lips say “no, no,” but her eyes say “yes, yes.”

The ECB will inflate, one way or another. The Keynesians have only two solutions: more government debt and more central bank inflation to buy the new debt without raising interest rates.

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26 thoughts on “Merkel Is Ready to Sell Out Germany to the NWO

  1. This is exactly like the US. We have laws and those who should be governed by those laws and yet, they act and respond as if they are above the law and people are too spineless to hold them accountable.

  2. Fall River Police are offering groceries for guns. WPRI News has the story. They have to do better than that to get guns off street.

  3. Mayflower Decendent says:

    So true. And, it doesn't matter how many times you email and call your Representatives in Washington because they just keep ignoring you. I am so sick and tired of them all!

    THEY ALL NEED TO GO! It's time to demand that the States step forward and fight for the people. That is the reason for the State Governments existance. They are to intervene between the people and the Federal Government and to protect the people from Tyranny! COME ON GOVERNORS! DO YOUR JOBS!!

  4. Frances Jamison says:

    The very last thing this government should be allowed to do is take guns away from ordinary citizens – with the volatile world we live in, we would be asking to be taken over by a Obama dictatorship!

  5. The New World Order is like a football game where the goal posts are on wheels.

  6. What pray tell are you an ocarter2 gun controller? He, ocarter2 has enough failures working in the DOJ directing Fast and Furious!

    Go ahead now… play that your wore out r a c e card! and

    "Name callers" are his kool-aid drinkers!

  7. Somehow Merkel's ongoing chatter sounds a great deal like another German who claimed Germany only wanted "A place in the sun!"

    The NWO will fail, just as the UN and the League of Nations failed! We cannot have just one body governing all nations or all people!

  8. videoman_bvr says:

    I agree with you!

  9. Mike Dorsey says:

    I believe the NWO is prophesied in the Bible as the "Beast" and is apart the end times. Don't want it. American's need to hold on dearly to our sovereignty and ex-spell the NWO types! Get the United Nations out of our country and out of our business. Do you think we really need the likes of Ahmedenijad and all those third world dictators deciding anything in our regards! Those who are pushing the NWO, like the Bilderburges, the Tri-Lateral Commission and whom ever are on the wrong path! America was founded by a bunch of Christians who were divinely inspired and we were blessed as such. The moving away from that is where we have gone astray!

  10. toosmarttovoteGOP says:

    And it will continue so lang as people believe the Republicons' lies and keep voting them into office.

  11. Amen to that—to the spineless to do anything about them continuing to stay/operate above the law.

  12. TheThinMan says:

    While the United States has always thought, at least for a hundred years, that it would be the winner, the man on top of the mountain in the New World Order – it most likely will be Germany – yes that same Germany that lost two 'world' wars primarily because of the US involvement in them. Merkel expects, and since Germany IS the big dog of the European Union, to come out on top.

  13. Desert Nonna says:

    Thomas Jefferson said in 1802: " I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their father conquered." This is what Merkel is doing to Germany and this will happen here if we don't change course in 2012.

  14. Yes, indeed, The NWO is alive and well. It is working overtime with the help of there hand picked Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions to take down the last bastion of Democracy – United States. The book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" should be mandatory reading in the high schools and colleges. It explains what is happening to America as well as the world. It can be condensed down to a battle of good against evil. Unless the morons are woken up to this reality and begin to understand the truth of the matter, the evil son-of-a bit*#es will accomplish there goal. Once the US falls, as it is doing daily, they will have a free-for-all with the world. That is why it is imperative that the "Obaa-baa- minites" and the rest of the "sheeple" be educated on what is happening to them. If this is not done, the US and the rest of the peons of the world will be!

  15. They ALL need to GO, and then put in ALL new ones that will protect OUR constitution and OUR way of life the way it use to be. FOR GOD (JAHOVA GOD) not mohama or allia, which is a man made god,like Obammmma's birth certificate.(FAKE)

  16. If you are talking about hitler he was NOT German, he was from Austria. Get your facts correct befor you say them OK.

  17. If you realy want to get a real eye opener check out"THE ROTHSCHILD BLOODLINE" and you will see who is running this world and then see what you can do about it. (CHECK IT OUT)

  18. Republicans lying?…and not the Commucrats?? Wake up Dude…they ALL lie… They are all bought and paid for and AFRAID of losing their GRAVY TRAIN by not getting re-elected. If we all knew what all of them were doing, we would not re-elect anyone. They are the enemy within. Why are the approval polls in the single digits?

  19. We have already been "taken over!" Time to wake up girl!

  20. Lee….read about the Rothschilds…from the beginning. It is estimated they are worth 200 Trillion…at least…they are running the world now….Merkel and all the others in the EU work for them…knowingly or unknowingly.

  21. Nonna (grandma ?)

    It has already "happened" here…has been since 1913 with President Wilson and the birth of the FED….read The Creature From Jekyll Island.

  22. toos and homer, both of you have to be ignorant democrats. It is true that all of the democrats are liars, but only the rino-elitist republicans are liars. This includes boehner, mcconnel, canter, mccain, graham, and rove, You are also not including the in-bed with obama news media. Get your talking points correct by listening to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, or Larry Elder.

  23. Shouldn't the people be protecting the constitution, and our way of life? I think it's time!

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