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What It Was Like to Be on Ron Paul’s Staff in 1976

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2011

I was Ron Paul’s staff economist in the second half of 1976. That was his first, brief term in office. He lost by 268 votes out of over 180,000 in November. That ended my career in Washington.

What was it like to be on his staff? What was it like to be in Washington in the final days of the Ford Administration?

Things are bad today economically, but they were not much better back then. The Cold War was in full force. There had been a major recession in 1975. Gold was $105 in 2006. We had just lost the Vietnam War. People were depressed. The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, and were pretty clearly going to win again in November, plus elect Jimmy Carter. There seemed to be no hope for conservatives.

Things are better now. Ron Paul is running for President. There is only one moderate in the Republican race for the nomination. That was inconceivable in 1976.

If you want to know what it was like on Capitol Hill in the not-so-good-old days, you can read what I wrote in 1977.

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One thought on “What It Was Like to Be on Ron Paul’s Staff in 1976

  1. Dorothy O'Neal says:

    I am so in favor of Ron Paul for President. I have been a supporter of his for years. My only problem is that I am not sure he can win. He is too intelligent for the masses and if he doesn't have a great tv appearance, I think one of the other rinos will win. Good Luck Ron