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God, Gold, Groceries, and Guns

Written by Gary North on November 15, 2011

These are the Big Four. I first wrote about this in 1980.

Most of the time, we muddle through. We bump along. But a wise person has reserves. I mean reserves in the broadest sense.

Faith in God is more reliable than faith in gold. As for groceries, they are cheap, especially for wise shoppers who buy in bulk and on sale. But a garden is a good back-up. I have one. Do you? You can. You should.

As for guns, Americans should exercise their Second Amendment liberties. Soon.

I decided to update my 1980 article. See if it makes sense.

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2 thoughts on “God, Gold, Groceries, and Guns

  1. Good decisions. With out GOD the gold is nothing. as for food God will help.

  2. Yes, God will help with food, but He expects us to use the common sense He gave us and prepare for hard times – especially when there are so many indicators that hard times are coming. Maybe, like me, you don't have money to invest in gold, but you can add a little extra to your grocery bill each week to stock up on non-perishables. Then He can use YOU to help provide the needs of others who are depending on Him..