Prosthetic Hand for $500 in 40 Hours: 3-D Printing

Posted on October 30, 2014


From The Telegraph  ******************************************************* A man who was born without his right hand has been fitted with a bionic one by a scientist who scanned his left hand and then made another with a 3D printer. Daniel Melville, 23, contacted Joel Gibbard after seeing his appeal for funding help to develop affordable robotic hands. He […]

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Robot Salesmen in Japan in 2015

Written by Gary North on October 30, 2014


The Nestle company plans to introduce 1,000 humanoid robots next year. They will sell coffee makers in retail stores. Think of how we enjoy being put on hold, caught in voice trees. Think of this experience in a retail store. I think the novelty of this will wear off soon. What will a humanoid do […]

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Greenspan on Gold: It Will Rise in Price

Posted on October 29, 2014


By Axel Merk Greenspan participated on a panel at the New Orleans Investment Conference last Saturday. Below I provide a couple of his quotes and expand on what are the potential implications for investors. Greenspan: “The Gold standard is not possible in a welfare state” The U.S. provides more welfare benefits nowadays than a decade […]

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Common Core: Already Sinking

Written by Gary North on October 29, 2014


The latest Gallup poll indicates that about a third of the public is favorable, a third is not, and a third have no opinion. This indicates declining support since last April. The very negative public is rising: 13% to 18%. The very positive public is declining: 9% to 6%. This means Common Core is as […]

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68% of Americans Are Angry at the Direction They Are Headed

Written by Gary North on October 28, 2014


This caught my attention: The CNN/ORC poll shows that 30% of Americans are “very angry” and 38% are “somewhat angry” about the way things are going in the country, while 31% expressed “no anger” at all. CNN Polling Director Keating Holland notes the 31% of “very angry” Americans matches the mood of the country in […]

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