“Stop the Presses! Newspapers Are Still Dying!”

Written by Gary North on August 21, 2014


For a decade, we have read about the squeeze on printed newspapers. One after another, they have merged or gone out of business. Flash! The Financial Times of London has just learned about this. Newspapers are finding their business increasingly challenged as print advertising sales – their traditional revenue powerhouse – decline and readers’ attention […]

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Grenade Launchers in Your State

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2014


There is a website that lets you check how much federal military equipment has been transferred to your state and your county. This is for crowd control. We can see how well this is working in Ferguson, Missouri. Click the link.

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Video: When McDonald’s Takes Your Order by Robot

Written by Gary North on August 19, 2014

First, an oldie but goodie. Second, a 15-miniute video on jobs. Before you view it, keep this in mind. The economist has one question above all others: “At what price?” Do you like your job? At what price? Does your employer want you to keep working? At what price? Is your career at risk? At […]

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Recession in 2015 — Levy

Posted on August 19, 2014


Just as the US economy strengthens, other countries threaten to drag it down. Employers in the US are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the late 1990′s and the economy finally looks ready to expand at a healthy rate. But sluggish growth in France, Italy, Russia, Brazil and China suggests that the old truism […]

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Stealing Your Child’s Mind for $240,000 (After Taxes)

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014

Would you pay $100,000 (after taxes) for this?   This is from Richard Rorty, an influential academic figure in the late 20th century. He speaks for liberal arts professors everywhere. His life’s goal was to steal our children, and charge parents $240,000 for the privilege. “It seems to me that the regulative idea that we heirs […]

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How the Liberals Control Private Education: Four Words

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014


This was posted on a GaryNorth.com forum. Our local Christian school proudly boasted that the junior high received a Blue Ribbon.I always wondered, what is all this hoopla about Blue Ribbon as it seemed to me almost every govt school got some kind of award (like Calif Distinguished School) and many more. So, what a […]

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